Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Final Blog Post For Semester

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

360 Photo/Video


During class we were able to experience a better and more high definition version of 360 degrees Virtual Reality. I believe that this experience was way better than using google cardboard simply because of the higher use of equipment. The picture quality was almost perfect as we were able to zoom in on each other as we stood in the circle. Also i liked it how once we recorded the video and used the video with the headset, it felt like we were actually moving with one another. I believe that the better the technology is with Virtual Reality the better experience you will have.

Check the link below to see some scary VR!

Paranormal Activity 360 VR!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

VR Script

1) Hello everyone, My name is Brandon Rivera currently a senior here at limestone college. Today in my presentation i will be discussing what Virtual Reality is, where it is used in many different places around the world, and how sports is beginning to become a big part of using it.

2) So what is virtual reality? Virtual reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment. For example in class with Dr.Nichols we were able to discover virtual reality in class and wherever we were with the usage of a VR headset that was compatible with our smart phones. 

3) Why is Virtual Reality being used? People are using VR everywhere in our world. We are able to experience things from our bedroom that may be hours or even nonrealistic ways from us. It can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors. 

4) Where is virtual reality being used? VR is being used in enviorments such as different travel destinations, vacation spots, special sporting events, sports practices, and schools around the country. For example i was able to experience a cool event in history when the chicago cubs won the world series from a fans perspective.

5) So you all are probably thinking that VR is only used by college students and younger adults and teens. However kids, teachers, coaches and many people of all ages are using virtual reality everyday. For example, the popular gaming system known as the Playstation 4 has released Playstation VR and is one of the first huge VR advancements in our gaming era. 

6) Now I’m going to get into the subject of sports and Virtual Reality. So a question i may ask is how many of you wish you could be in the eyes or body of your professional athlete and see the comparision, speed and agility to the way you view sports?

7) Well imagine being your favorite quarter back in the nfl and expierencing actual gameplay from his own eyes? Imagine the sound from the crowd and the adrennelin rush pumping through your veins.  I believe that this may be one of the best things virtual reality has done for us users to this day. 


9) Why and how are they using it in football? Study film from a first-person perspective in an immersive, 360° environment. You may physically be in the classroom, but in the VR headset you’re right back on the field Take real reps with real audio and your real teammates. Get extra practice with coverages and formations, and master the playbook in a fraction of the time. Benefit from a product built by football veterans, football coaches, and experts in virtual reality

10) So there are many NFL teams that have been involved with virtual reality. These teams are the new york jets, dallas cowboys, san fransisco 49ers, arizona cardinals, minnisota vikings, and new york jets.

11) And now on to my favorite topic and sport…. baseball. I am currently a division 2 athlete here at limestone college and pitch for the saints. I wish we would be able have the technology many of these professional teams have because they are so advanced and coming from a pitchers point of view it would be pretty fun to face my own self in the batters box. 

12) So why are they using VR in baseball? 
Pitching tendencies can be seen up close, how fast the pitcher may throw each pitch, and which part of the strike zone the pitcher may often favor. Players get an up-close look of virtual replicas of real-life pitchers they could face, like a fastball from Los Angles Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw or a slider from New York Mets’ Noah Syndergaard.

13) Not many baseball teams have been truly engaged in the virtual reality experience. However the Tampa bar rays, los angeles angels and los angeles dodgers have been using it. They have been using it towards there forms of practice and special evaluations within their opponents

14) Now i will begin to talk about where we are right now. college. How many of you in highscool would have loved to visit your dream school or a school that has been recruiting you in your bed ?discovering everything about it? without having to spend money or fly on a plane? 

15) Why are they using it? well hooking your phone up to a Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, you can be able to watch your college teams game in its full, immersive glory. Even to those who don’t have a headset will still be able to interact and watch in a 360-degree video setting. 

16) So for the athletes or coaches that are in this room how can this help us? This can help coaches recruit many different perspective student athletes without having the hard time of actually getting them to your school for a visit. This can open the process for the whole NCAA while the students and parents can see what they are getting themselves into without worrying about the costs.

17) “start at 16 sec” So below here is a link where I’m going to show you an actual Virtual Reality experience from a quarterbacks perspective. 

18) “start at 10 sec” And Here i will show you a video on Nationals mvl Bryce harper and his virtual reality experience. 

19) Why i picked this topic. I love learning new technology especially around sports. Being an athlete, we are always trying to discover new and helpful workouts, strategies and skills that are able to help us with our performance on and off the field. Virtual reality can be a new skill for professional athletes, students in the class room and people around the world to really discover things that they wouldn’t be able to during every day life. 

20) Conclusion. With virtual reality i believe that this subject will grow within the next few years. This will help professional sports teams, athletes, and students of the game by picking out there strengths and weaknesses without having to stress the major things. Thank you for listening to my presentation. hope you enjoyed it. 

Updated Food Photo

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Things I Want To Put On My Website"

-Music soundtrack in backround
-Text with background images
-Specail fonts
-Links on side
-Bottom words when scrolling all the way down
-Good platform and design

Monday, October 24, 2016

Personal Branding 101

In Lisa Quasts article "Personal Branding" apart of Forbes, She talks about the process of companies and how we could apply it to ourself, career and the way we brand. She stated six different steps we could use. Define your overall aspirations, conduct research, determine your brand attributes, assess your current state, create you're game plan, and manage your brand. I plan to use these steps and could certainly manage them by first doing my absolute best this baseball season and going out with a bang, graduating college this year, obtaining a steady full time job for a good pay within the field of communications, and do some research on further things that could help me obtain a brand for myself. I would then link up social media accounts such as twitter, instagram and Facebook, and spread the word and figure out a specific way on which way i would like to brand myself. 


S(Strengths)-I have the ability to make others feel comfortable when communicating with me. I am always able to manage my time and always get the important things done early. I am caring, responsible, honest and ready to take on any challenges that are thrown in my direction. 

W (Weaknesses)-I do not have the best memory with certain things that i don't have much interest in such as equations. I tend to always put others before myself and that can be a "weakness" at times. I can be distracted and lose attention when working on homework like i am right now looking at my phone while i am typing. 

O(Opportunities)-Graduate college with a 3.3 or higher GPA with a major in the field communications. I have played 3 healthy years of college baseball and plan to finish off strong here at Limestone for the saints. Plan to have two jobs out of college and maybe continue my baseball career if gods plan for me.

T(Threats)- People who may have more experience than me in what I am doing. Such as "communication studies, professional within sports, and school etc."

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sports and VR articles


David Shaw is a former Stanford football player who is now the team’s head coach. And as soon as he put on Belch’s virtual reality headset, it wasn’t only that he thought the technology could be beneficial for his program; he wanted it, and he wanted it right then. “That was it,” said Bailenson. “That was the moment I knew this was something really special.” The technology is special not just for how popular it’s becoming. Belch and Bailenson have transformed it from something resembling a video game to an extension of the limited on-the-field practice time for college and professional athletes. Instead of using animated or computer-generated images to simulate game-like situations, STriVR Labs uses real video and each team’s individual players to create customized experiences. Teammates are available at the press of a button. The technology accelerates the transformational learning moments when a player really moves up to the next level.


STRIVR creates VR training videos shot from the player’s-eye view of the action during practices. It then enables players to receive realistic, repetitive training by visualizing through VR headsets situations they will face on the field. For instance, quarterbacks can review the options and opportunities they missed by going through a play several times and reviewing each of their teammates’ positions. Virtual reality has yet to manifest its full potential in sports. For instance, it can make the recruiting process much easier by making college campuses seem much closer to recruits. Athletes can visit stadiums, locker rooms, weight rooms and practically every place and aspect of their future team in the immersive experience of VR — without leaving their homes and stepping on a plane.

“I think of virtual reality as the great equalizer. We are giving everyone the tools that allows them to get a leg up on their potential competition,”

"Nothing can replace the at-bat experience," Brendan Reilly, CEO of EON Sports VR, said in a press release. "But our technology enables players to maximize repetitions and their performance in the batters' box. This is invaluable technology for teams looking to gain a competitive edge against their opponents." And it's only the beginning: Reilly told Engadget recently that the goal is to bring the virtual simulator to as many teams as possible.

"Guys are getting to face the pitcher they're going to face that night," Reilly said. "They can pick up his timing, get a feel for how his ball moves, how he pitched to him the last time. . . . You feel like you're on the field in a real, live game."Hitters already have extensive video libraries of pitchers and can track the release point, velocity, spin rate and amount of break of any pitch. They can glean tendencies from data showing how often each pitch is thrown in each count.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Articles Reflection

R Scout's "5 Ways Traditional Storytelling Changes With 360° Video"- I believe that this is a good article for users who have not experienced VR 360 degrees and really lets them know what they are getting themselves into.

Forbes article, "Five Reasons Why Virtual Reality Is A Game-Changer"- This article really shoes how virtual reality will afford us the opportunity to do and learn complex things at a moment’s notice.

season-appropriate "YouTube Stars To Shoot Virtual Reality Horror Videos Around The World"-

New VR Cardboard Photos

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

CC0 Public DomainFree for commercial use No attribution required 
-Uses whole surroundings and great camera angle
-The nature and photography is outstanding 
-Was defiantly a pro photographer and used the right equipment
-The effect on the market would be huge since the high quality of the shot

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Free/Legal Pictures

CC0 License
✓ Free for personal and commercial use
✓ No attribution required

CC0 License
✓ Free for personal and commercial use
✓ No attribution required
Shawn Reza

CC0 License
✓ Free for personal and commercial use
✓ No attribution required
Bahram Jamalov

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Pictures Continued

Side Angle of Fleur
Low Angle of NCAA Trophies
Fleur on couch
Saints Practice Field
Saints Turf Field
Saints Turf Field #2
Saints Field Limestone Rock Low Angle 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Subject is wearing glasses. Trying to be comical to the female audience because he is wearing them. Face emotion and eye contact.
Face emotion, has grown a beard, trying to attract the female audience
MJ famous meme. Resulting to the NBA finals the past year between the GSW and CAV in GSW loosing in a huge comeback from CAVS.
famous meme around the internet. MJ and buying the bobcats known as the hornets.  Has been a let down team the NBA since he has bought them
Bryce harper when he had first made it to the MLB. 19 years of age but the talent of a veteran.

LBJ leaving Miami Heat to join hometown Cavs again..

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Limestone Baseball Photography

Bob Cambell Field House
Birdseye View of field
Low angle of flag
Field View
FCU Blue Wall
Home Hat Close Up
Close Up Saints Logo
Coaching Staff
"Dylan Wolchik, Ryan V (RVA), Coach Wiley"
Anders Deshields and Charlie Richardson doing driveline program
Willis Dobison and Teammate
Charlie Richardson and Anders Deshields doing Jager Band Program
Group photo of band work