Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bob Dylan "Like a Rolling Stone"

Interactive Video Review

I thought that this activity was a cool expierence on how we were able to change the channels and the music would go along with the videos basically as a "lip sync". I also thought it was funny how they were doing news casts on serious events but the anchors looked like they were singing along. 

Below here is a funny example of Johnny Manziel.

Becoming Screen Literate

Kevin Kelly Article Review

After reading this article i strongly agreed with the fact of how the mentioned the development of movies and tv shows and videos and how they have came a long way. He states " An emerging set of cheap tools is now making it easy to create digital video. There were more than 10 billion views of video on YouTube in September. The most popular videos were watched as many times as any blockbuster movie and that many of them are mashups of existing video material. " For example, my favorite rapper/singer "Mike Stud" has came a long way in his life when it comes to his music career and how he boosted his popularity. At first he was a an all american pitcher at Duke university, messing around with garage band in his dorm room making music as a joke with his teammates. However once he had made a music video called "college humor" in 2012, he blew up around campus leading his name to get out to the world other than being an all american baseball players his freshman year. Once he had a critical injury that changed his life and baseball career, he decided to take music to a whole different level. With releasing his music all over youtube, creating mini tv episodes of going on tour called "tourings boring" he began to explode. Now stud has his own TV show on esquire network, is popular all around the world, has connections with over hundreds of college and professional athletes, and is a successful music artist. His college humor first hit has over 2 million views. You truly never know whats going to happen in life, but technology and music can lead you to a whole new journey. 

Check out these two videos below.

College Humor Music Video

Tv Show Announcement

You have been "Rick Rolled"

My roommate and I had been talking about walk out songs this year for our upcoming baseball season. Yet he didn't know what was coming at him. Below is our conversation.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Wilderness Downtown

Activity Review

At first when i had gotten to the website i didn't know why it was asking me for my home address so I was skeptical about it. However as i went along and started to watch the video. i noticed that I started to see areas around my neighborhood with the google maps feature. It resulted in the man who was running to stopping in front of my own house giving a 360 view. I thought it was a cool and interactive way on combining music with video and maps. 

The link to the website is below.

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Article Review

I agree with most of these statements in this article. In our time period now we are so involved with technology, that we forget to actually review documents and material in past ways. With books and articles, I believe that everyone does "skim" through and does not fully read all the material. I feel like once we find out the information that we wanted to find we are done with the article and forget about everything that we had read. We have the power to find out any information we want in a matter of a click of a button and sometimes i feel like we take that for granted. The internet is a great place and i think it just makes us smarter not "stupid" because we are able to obtain all the information we need and can do it fast. Yes it may make the people our era lazy but we have the technology to do it, why not use it?

Is Google Making Us Stupid? - Article

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Reflection On Media


At first picking up a pen and pad and writing a letter to my 10 year old self was easy but it has been quite awhile since I had written an actual letter on a piece of paper about myself. However I am used to writing letters and notes to a loved one. Now a days we use Microsoft word on laptops, phones and computers and email or text documents or letters to one another. Now we are used to using advanced technology with our phones and apps. I use all different types of social media accounts such as Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Etc.