Monday, January 16, 2017

Branding Questions

1) What makes Good Branding?

-Know your customers and finding out what they do and what they like. 
This will allow you to tailor your product to suit their needs.
-Be better than your competition 
-Keeping up with the game
-Make different connections
-Have great design and don't settle for anything less
-Be consistent. 
This creates the groundwork for the success
of your business

2) What Branding Principles are mentioned that I can apply? 

-Brand and vision are the ideal of you're brand 
-Being able to create a journey for you're audience
-The Ritz Carlton Hospitality- Example "Each staff member is given up to $2000 to spend on a guest, to deliver the ultimate luxury hotel experience"
-Making your brand set apart from you're competition
-Creating a symbol to visually represent you're brand

3) How can I make my brand by using colors, fonts, etc.? 

-Using different types of images and filters for you’re pictures
-Breaking the colors down by what they mean such as bright, pastels, midtowns, cool tones, warm tones, brightness and hexadecimal code
-Follow a color scheme that goes along with you’re brand.
-Using the right fonts with the right format
-Typefaces have personality. Different typefaces symbolize moods. Therefore, the fonts you choose should represent your business, becoming a visual footprint for your brand.

4) What did I learn from the case studies?

In the case studies, We learned about having a special logo for our brand and the different types of ways we could use color to represent our brand. We also learned about type and font and how we could add imagery to combined both to make our brand stand out. We were given different screenshots of the way people used their brand on social media and using type, imagery, and font. We also were able to see how people have combined all three elements in one picture creating a nice final of their brand.